Prevent Breast Cancer

Cura is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and the foundation works on initiatives that increase health equity, reduce social disparities and improve the health and well-being of all. Cura aims to increase breast cancer screening and support biomarker research and the WISDOM trial to help eradicate breast cancer.   Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women around the world (1 in 8 of all cancer cases with 2.3 million women diagnosed and 685,000 deaths). An expansion of the University of California San Francisco’s WISDOM Study into the Middle East would improve screening and prevention through mammograms and genetic biomarker screening. Our target is to create widespread campaigns for greater awareness; improve testing to detect and treat earlier for better health outcomes; and increase participation in studies to develop innovative approaches to combat this disease.


  • WISDOM is a large-scale study of a risk-based approach to breast cancer screening: women at the highest risk are screened more often, while those of lower risk are screened less. Women at high risk receive personalized counseling for what they can do to lower their risk.
  • WISDOM uses genetic testing to determine each woman’s breast cancer risk to personalize and optimize each woman’s screening schedule (when to start screening, how often to screen and with what type of test: mammogram or alternating mammogram and MRI for very high-risk women).
  • There are differences in breast cancer risk among various ethnic populations but to improve risk guidelines for women of other ethnicities, more populations have to be tested.