Building Bridges for Better Health

Events Supported by Cura

Cura supports organizations and events that would contribute to its mission of improving human health and increasing quality of life, globally. Cura supports like-minded organizations to facilitate partnerships and collaboration by building bridges and breaking down the silos.

Templeton Prize Ceremony

The Cura Foundation proudly supported and participated in the Templeton Prize Ceremony to celebrate NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins – the 2020 Templeton Prize Laureate. The Templeton Prize honors individuals whose exemplary achievements advance Sir John Templeton’s philanthropic vision: harnessing the power of the sciences to explore the deepest questions of the universe and humankind’s place and purpose within it. Dr. Collins joins a list of 50 Prize recipients including Mother Teresa (the inaugural award in 1973), the Dalai Lama (2012), and Archbishop Desmond Tutu (2013). Learn more

Total Meditation Worldwide Immersive Livestream and Book Launch

The Cura Foundation proudly supported and participated in the Chopra Foundation’s Worldwide Immersive Livestream and Book Launch of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s latest book, “Total Meditation.” In this book, Dr. Chopra elevates the practice of meditation to a life-changing quest for higher consciousness, incorporating new research on meditation and its benefits and providing practical awareness exercises. Learn more