Place in Space Programs


Place in Space Programs are a collaboration between the Cura Foundation and Place in Space, supporting the missions of both organizations.

The mission of Place in Space is to enable more women to actively engage, contribute and lead in the space industry by advancing the next generation of female leaders ensuring opportunity, representation and impact in every facet of the space industry. As the Cura Foundation aims to improve human health and well-being and increase quality of life, globally, we believe space could be an important ecosystem to learn and benefit from.

The future of space requires every background, interest and skill set. Too many individuals self-select out of the industry believing there isn’t a place for them or a viable path to engage and contribute to its growth. There has never been a better time to become part of the space ecosystem, with opportunities in exploration, business creation and careers expanding daily.

Place in Space Programs strive to support the following:

Access to Education: Provide scholarships and improve access to space-related education for women and girls;

Access to Opportunity: Provide mentorship to illuminate and advance careers in space and space-related fields.

Advancement of Innovation: Explore how space innovation and research can impact health care and the environment; and

Business Advancement: Through partnerships and capital, support groundbreaking research, innovation and businesses led by women.

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