Science, Technology and Medical Advancements

Cura is dedicated to advancing innovation in science, technology and medicine. We catalyze new approaches for a healthier future and a more sustainable world by breaking down silos, facilitating partnerships and nurturing collaboration.


  • Educate the public on cutting-edge developments in science, technology and medical advancements, giving hope for the future
  • Educate the next generation of thought-leaders on science, technology and medical advancements to catalyze innovation and scientific discovery
  • Educate policymakers on the implementation and impact of technological advancements


  • Programs and projects aimed at identifying the critical issues facing humanity and the emerging innovations and technologies directed to address them with foci on:
    • Health and Wellbeing
      • Prevention, Treatments and Cures (cell therapy, genomics, biomarkers)
      • AI and Data, and Devices
      • Telehealth
    • Environment and Sustainability
  • Increase access and use of platforms, software and technology to bridge and elevate humanity
  • Create Research Institutes and Innovation Hubs to foster inter-disciplinary, inter-faith, cross-cultural, and international
  • Collaboration hubs for business leaders and entrepreneurs and innovators